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Art Updates - Flash Fire Entry Two and Voting



On the last day of the entry period, I completed my second drawing for the Flash Fire contest. The venerable Turaga Vakama can be found in the same topic as my Jaller drawing which I mentioned in the previous entry.


It feels good to have completed two entries, but if the entries before I had submitted my own were good, the ones that followed in the final hours of the entry period included several that could only be described as stellar. Truly I'm having a hard time deciding what to vote in any of the categories!


Flash Fire voting has begun, and there's a lot of talent in all three polls. My entries are Entry 8 in the Matoran poll and Entry 10 in the Turaga poll, but there are many other entries I would consider voting for including Entries 3 and 12 in the Matoran poll and Entry 11 in the Turaga poll. Later today I'll probably come to a decision on which entries I should give my votes to, but it's a tough decision even knowing all the hard work I put into my two submissions.


Overall, I'm certain that whichever entries end up on display at Brickfair will fully deserve it! For such a quick contest, I'm surprised how many more artists let their talents shine here than in the Battlescapes contest. Guess it's just a subject more artists could find inspiration in!


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