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If I call you by your username, it means I love you.

Or I don't like your real name.

Or your username is cooler.

Or easier to say.

Or I might call you by your real name too.

Like if I've known you for a while.

Or just feel like saying it for a change.

Or I know you prefer me doing so.

But sometimes I just don't care.


To me, a username transcends a person's identity. It becomes them. To me, I am ChocolateFrogs, a person, not someone named after a Harry Potter candy, but the term has changed meaning to be my name. Other names-- Sisen, Disky, Nukaya, Arpy-- are just as unique as a name given at birth, but instead is also one chosen by the bearer to be them.


I know some people don't like being called their username in public, which is totally fine, but it doesn't change that it is part of their identity now.


Of course, that's just my personal view. Maybe you look at me and think I'm crazy for choosing a name after the Harry Potter-verse. Maybe you would much prefer to call people by their real name, because it is perfect and also them. But when I'm out having fun, I have fun with your names too. And that is something we all share.


-CF :kakama:


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I've never been called 'Eyru' in real life, but I can definitely empathize with the whole idea of a username transcending someone's identity. This isn't my username- it's just another name for me.

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I can imagine if I were to ever go to BrickFair VA, I'd prefer to be called Watashi Wa/Wawa/etc. since we have a few Johns on the staff, especially by some of the staff that I don't know as well on a personal level.


I mostly identify myself on the internet with my Xbox Live gamertag/handle/character mrmobado. Like you said, it's become a part of my identity.


I'm also used to being called different among family and friend names because there's like 5 Johns in my family lol.

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I normally use the display names/usernames of people instead of their actual names. Honestly its normally just because I forget their name. My mind just forgets things rather easily so almost 10 seconds after they tell me their name my mind would just erase it from my memory. I find usernames more unique to regular names anyway, as Watashi Wa pointed out some names are very common like John, so I always felt that its easier to figure out who is being talked about/talked to by using usernames.


As for a personal preference, I honestly don't necessarily care what I'm called. I know my names and usernames so if I hear one of them I will know who they're talking about. I'll just go by whatever the person I'm talking to will remember easily whether its my real name or username. I normally use only 3 usernames for things anyway which are normally Soran, Unsorrowful or Exiled (In some specific circumstances I'm known as Virus or Hero) so its easy to know who they're talking about.



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For me, it depends on the name or the situation. Like Jons and Johns can get confusing when there are a lot of them in one place, so I'll use their usernames. But sometimes I use real names if they're easier to say or if I feel I know someone well enough.

It's all good so long as I and the other person are comfortable with whichever name is used~


It feels nice to be able to react immediately when my username is called, though, and not just my real name.

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I'm okay being called by my username, provided it's someone who actually knows me primarily by that. Not when my freakin' little brother insists on calling me that just to get on my nerves.


Even worse when he calls me by defunct usernames. Yes, my file on Pokemon Gold Version was AndyPKMN. I thought it was cute at the time, but that was ten years ago. But he still calls me that just because he knows it annoys me.

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