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Fun Day

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well Today was pretty fun. After Church I ended up going over to my friend's house. He is a member here on BZP, but he's not really that active right now. His name is Javan1000 here on BZP. He's pretty cool. He turned 11 back in February so there's 5 years between us, but we get along pretty well.


We played video games primarily. We played Spider-Man 2 and I ended up lending it to him for a week. We also played Return of the King for about an hour and a half. He really enjoys playing as Legolas and I play as Gandalf. Together we're almost an unstopable team on that came in Co-op mode.


I had dinner at his house and it was pretty good. His mom made some kind of pasta with sausage. I was only over there until about 7:00 PM.


I brought my Toa Inika over to his house and showed him what they looked like in person (so to speak). He loved the strobe effect with their tools.


Next time I go over there, hopefully my hand will be healed, because he's got a swimming pool. I felt kind of bad because his 3 older sisters (he's the baby of the family) went in for a while. As of right now, unless I'm in the shower, I can't get my hand wet. Right now my hand's looking OK and should hopefully be better within about 3 to 4 more days. Who knows, maybe I'll go over there again next week.


Nothin' much else to write about right now, so I'll wrap this up by saying (specifically to TMD) that I should be able to start putting pictures up of my BIONICLE set modifications in about a week here on my blog. So stay tooned, I've done a lot of cool modifications on my sets that you'll all see in about a week or so (less than two weeks).


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Woah, you have Inika? O_O I enveeeey..... xD


Sounds like you had a good time even with your injury. :) I hope your hand heals quickly! ^_^


~ :a: ~

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