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The Reading Rainbow Connection

Black Six


Against all odds, and at the expense of some sleep last week, I finished both Contact Harvest and The Cole Protocol. Six books in three weeks! Halo Evolutions is up now though, and it's almost as long as both of those books combined, so I'm expecting it to take up this entire week.


Contact Harvest is interesting among the Halo books as it's the first where there are no Spartans involved. They don't even get mentioned at all. It makes sense, since the book takes place before they received their augmentations and went on any actual missions. There's lots of Sergeant Johnson though, and some other characters from Halo 2 and 3 as well. The books really give a lot of insight into the Covenant, especially the relationships between the Prophets, Elites, and Brutes.


The Cole Protocol does have some Spartans in it - the mysterious Gray Team who is mentioned in The Fall of Reach as being too far away to contact/recall. It also features Lieutenant Jacob Keyes and helps fill in the gaps of his life between helping Halsey collect the Spartan candidates and the inception of the 'Keyes Loop' maneuver. There's a lot of different factions in this one, all working together and stabbing each other in the back at different times. It makes for some interesting twists.


Looking at my calendar, I've got six weeks to go until release and five books to read, so I'm feeling pretty confident about making this. Setting goals FTW!


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I'm not sure that I feel any different. I've been enjoying it immensely though. I used to read a lot more regularly from middle school to college, but had fallen off the wagon lately. I'm hoping to use this to kickstart myself through a backlog of other books I have to read.


On a whole, I think reading has a lot of impact on the mind, through vocabulary, imagination, and critical thinking.

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I am really interested in writing. I have no idea if you do any writing at all, but do you think that reading more will help improve my writing. i just find it hard to find a book that grabs my attention, although I still need to start getting into these Halo books. Also I have heard the republic commando novels are a good read as well.

Also B6, have you read the passage or I am Legend. I found the books to of my favorite ever. If you want to extend your reading rainbow, I would reccomend these too. Although, they are set in a post apocalyptic setting, they both manage to bring something new and original to the table.


Also, dont be put off by the vamp thing. Its nothing like twilight(All tough to be fair I have never read a twilight book or seen a twilight movie


I guess with the RC books, the Halo books, the sequel to The passage and Lord of the flies, I have many bools to keep me going

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Reading more will definitely improve your writing. It will give you more to draw from and more inspiration.


I'll have to keep those books in mind. Thanks!

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On an interesting note, though you probably already knew this, the author of this book, Joseph Staten, also does the writing for the games.

I'm well aware. I think he did a great job moving from games to prose here.

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