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Return of the Notepad

Black Six


Manage Notes! As a bonus, all notes from the archive are still there.


Man look at all this progress we're making already.


Don't get used to it. ;)


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How difficult is it to add new features to the forums?

Depends on the feature. In this case I found someone else who wanted the notepad back and had made a modification for out software to do so.

With respect and all, what actually can this be used for? Genuinely asking.

As your fellow members what they use it for. Apparently I used to use it for storing different signatures I used to rotate between, but that was long, long ago.

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Ow, the importing of the old notepad gave me a ton of '<br />' things, but I easily solved that by copying the notes from the old forum and replacing the glitchy ones. Aside from that, great to see this back, thanks!

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