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Indenting Paragraphs

Black Six


     Apparently people like to indent the first line of paragraphs. I was totally unaware of this, and had gotten out of that habit in middle school sometime, and just included an extra break between paragraphs, or in Word used the 'space after' setting, or whatever it is. But once I was made aware of the issue, it was a pretty easy fix. I just added a new BBCode to 'tab'. It just adds five spaces wherever you put the tag. You can put it       in the middle of a sentence if you want.


[tab]Put your paragraph here.


I also added your Proto bar to your profile. Which was actually harder to do than the above.


Keep the tickets coming guys!


Recommended Comments

I've gotten so used to the line break between paragraphs that I now prefer those over even indented paragraphs. But it's awesome to see this finally implimented after... well, for the first time that I'm aware of on BZP. :D

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