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Announcing Ticket Closures

Black Six


Recently with the new Tracker, I made some blog entries about some of the tickets that were resolved, to help get the word out. Now I know not everyone reads my blog and it seems clear that not everyone has quite gotten the hang of the Tracker or is aware of it yet, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to make people aware of tickets that have been closed.


I don't want to keep posting blog entries, because I feel like I have better things to post here, plus not everyone reads it. (But they should!)


I'm considering a topic in GD that would keep a running tally of things that are fixed and added. Maybe pinned, maybe not, but as tickets get closed, I'd make a post so people are aware and can comment or discuss it.


What do you guys think? Any better ideas?


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Another option is to register a Twitter account and embed it in a topic or a rolling blog content block.


It'd be more efficient.

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I think a pinned, open GD topic would be a good decision that would make it easier for larger numbers of people to hear about the recent changes and give feedback.



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I believe some sort of widget on the front page would be best; be it a simple box filled with links to the recent closures, a twitter box, or whathaveyou. It'd let people see the progress being made whenever they see the latest news, which seems fitting.

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More efficient ways to pin blogs (such as yours) like in the old days, so anybody who wants to keep abreast of these updates can do it on their own terms.

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