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Alohomora don't fail me now...



I rarely use the combination lock I purchased to put on my locker at work anymore. Today I did because people were in the break room so frequently and I have about $200 in my locker.


Needless to say... I went to get in my locker and didn't know the combination. My paper copy of the combination was in my wallet... that I had at the time of purchasing the combination lock. I upgraded to a new wallet and left the written copy in the old one. Oops.


I had an idea of the vicintity of the numbers. 11, 10, 5, 25, 20, 21... There wasn't anything above thirty or below five, but it left way too many variables. I tried and tried and tried. Stopped, went back out into the Black Friday madness... Thought some more.


I couldn't figure it out. I was tired being up for twenty four hours straight so far. Finally I just sat down and listened to the tumblers click and feel the lock shift. I managed to hit the right numbers and unlock my locker thankfully, without bolt cutters.


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So what you're saying is that you can pick those locks by feel no problem?


Hope you're able to recover from Black Friday! (Or at least get a lot of pay out of it!)



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