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Camera Adventures

Black Six


I really wasn't satisfied with my recent set review pictures, they were way too dark despite me having tons of lights on and using my flash (indirectly). So I did some research and pulled out my camera's manual and learned how to adjust the shutter speed. A bit of experimentation later, and brighter pictures appeared.


The only problem is that now I have to make sure to be very still so that I don't shake the camera when I hit the shutter button. I'm doing a 0.5 second exposure so that can have a lot of impact.


So I thought to myself, 'I wonder if I can get a remote to trigger the shutter so I don't have to touch the camera?'


The short answer is no. :(


The long answer is, if I put some open-source, aftermarket firmware on my camera, it can support a remote shutter release, but I have to make the remote myself.


Needless to say, I'll be installing the firmware this week and making a trip to RadioShack on Friday.


I get to play with my soldering iron!


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Couldn't you get a tripod to stabilize the camera, and reduce wiggle? Or do you need to be able to have your camera moving along rather soon after the shot, rendering my suggestion useless.

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I do use a tripod, but even with that, there's a lot of force required to hit the shutter button that causes it the shake just enough sometimes (not all the time).

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Ahh. I can see how that might be a problem. First time I've ever heard of a camera's shutter button being too resistant, I have to say.

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Your camera wouldn't happen to have a 2-5 second timer, would it? That's what I have to do to get clear shots with long exposure times.
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Your camera probably has a shutter-delay, Mandrew. That way you hit the shutter button, the camera waits like ten seconds, and then takes the picture. That's how I do everything, because most remotes only work when pointing directly at the camera front. Not very helpful for macro photography.

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Well this remote would be wired and connect via the USB port, so no worries about infrared and line-of-sight.


Spoiling my DIY fun with your logic!

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It's just a little liquid metal. No big deal!

As long as that liquid metal doesn't hit your eye, you're good (I'm speaking from a rather unpleasant experience).


I feel like I'm having similar problems with my review pictures. I never thought to set the exposure time longer. :P



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