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I could never get into Pokemon. But Digimon... man, I still willingly watch that show. At least the first four seasons, couldn't really get into the fifth one.


Tamers FTW.

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I never really got into Digimon. But from what I can tell, at least the TV show changed significantly as the series went on, which is more than you can say for Pokemon. Of course, the part of Pokemon I like best is the games, and X and Y look absolutely fantastic.

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:kaukau: Yes, you went there. And for that, I thank you. I always liked Digimon slightly more than Pokemon, because the world was more interesting and made more sense. It was easier to immerse in that fantasy than, well, yeah. Plus, the digivolution was cooler and they weren't stashed away in small little handheld spheres.


At the end of the day, however, Pokemon does have Mewtwo. It's pretty hard to be cooler than Mewtwo.



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Prodigious. I never got into the Digimon games too-too much as I did with Pokemon, but I prefered the Digital Monsters for TV series.

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