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Google Eyes



So I have been bedridden for like three days now because of medicine complications.


And then I get this card dropped into my lap this afternoon.


Naturally in my drug-induced-state I completely forget to look at the return address and just open it.


It's got lots and lots of glitter and a lacy dove with big googley eyes on it.


First thought:


"Oh dear god it's gotta be from HH and Janus"


(spoilers: I was right)


A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys. \o\ \o/ /o/ I got Professor Layton and frosted animal crackers and my own cane! You bet I'm happy.


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I did, I did! And yes, they stayed on until I put the card down after reading it, basically. Then one popped off. But the comedic effect was still beautiful~

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