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Do you want to set a default font for your posts?

Black Six


Check out this Tracker ticket.


I know a lot of people have asked for this feature over the years. We've found an addon to do it, but it's not free.


We've set up a donation goal to gain the funds necessary to buy the addon. If you are interested in making this happen, please consider donating. Every dollar counts!


If fifteen people donate one dollar, we'll have enough. That's not much, so please help out!


UPDATE: Thanks to some generous donations, we've already exceeded our goal. Our payment processing system seems to have backed up though, so it's not reflected on the page yet. Thank you so much everyone who donated - we'll be sure to put it all to good use!


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Does BZP not do PayPal transactions?



Yes, we accept PayPal. Are you having a problem?



No, I just hadn't gotten that far in the process. My bad. XD



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Wow, thanks generous people. Look forward to that extension (I thought there was already some workaround to it, but I just got used to typing out bold tags =P)

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I, personally, would rather have a permanent font color implemented than a font. But maybe there's room for both down the road.



This addon will allow for both (and more).
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I definitely approve of this, though I'm afraid I'm a bit late to the party, seeing as it was at $171 when I got here. xD Hopefully I'll be able to donate in some other future endeavor.

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Very much looking forward to this update. I've never bothered setting myself a personalized font or font color before, but I could try that once it's no longer such a hassle to remember all the time.

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