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New Profile Settings!

Black Six


Thanks to your incredible generosity, we have some additional funds that we can use to add some new features to BZP. We started off by closing a couple Tracker tickets.


The first one is Add Default Font Feature. If you head over to your profile settings you can define how all your posts and other content look by default. No more playing with the RTE or adding BBCode tags every time you post! This is never something I've really been interested in, so I'll let you all tell me how it works out.


The other ticket is Block users from profile feed. Again, if you head over to your profile settings, you can now control who can view your profile (Everyone, Registered Users, or just Friends), who can view your contact information (Everyone, Registered Users, or just Friends), and who can comment on your profile feed (Registered Users, Friends, or people who are allowed to message you). So if you want to block someone from commenting on your profile, you can choose the last option and then just block them from sending you PMs. There are some additional privacy settings we could enable if we decide to, but I think those should be sufficient.


There's certainly still some funds leftover, and they definitely won't go to waste supporting our hosting and licensing costs. But we are certainly open to adding some more cool things. If you know of any addons for Invision that you think would improve the site, feel free to open a Tracker ticket so we can look it over and get feedback from others.


Thank you all again for donating and helping make BZP a better site!


Recommended Comments

I think the default setting for the profile privacy should be "registered users" instead of "everyone".
We can't set the defaults. That said, guests are not and have never been able to view member profiles or the member list. So even though it defaults to 'Everyone,' you need to be registered and logged in to see someone's profile.
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Sounds neat, will try it out. As for those extra funds... if there's enough interest for a Vahkipower skin theme to return, I think I know of one that would make for a good base. (From one that knows nothing of how much work must be put into creating a new skin from scratch, thus not knowing if this idea makes it easier)

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