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new gear

Queen of Noise


check out this hotness




Crate GFX-212 amplifier. 120 watts. It's beautiful and it sounds beautiful.


I'm a big believer in checking out a lot of different amps, including odd ones not made by the big name manufacturers - the sound you want can be found in the most unlikely of places. I almost passed right by this on my way to the Vox Valvetronix I've had my eye on for a while (I've always been a fan of Vox - you can see my trusty little Pathfinder 15R on on top of the Crate in this picture) - but I'm glad I stopped and decided to check it out. It's got a big, bold sound, and the clean channel is as crisp and clear as a Fender three times its price. This baby's over a decade old but it sounds like it shipped here straight from heaven.


The best part? Since it was used gear, it was cheap as dirt.


I should do an entry sometime about making music on a tight budget - like tips in tricks on where to go for good deals on secondhand instruments, as well as recommendations for off-the-shelf stuff that's high in quality but low in price.


Incidentally, I've got two singles coming out this month and an album to follow early this summer. I'll toss a link up here when they're available, for anyone who's interested.




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the sound you want can be found in the most unlikely of places


So very, very true.

Once, a friend and I were visiting a shop, looking for a new guitar to add to his collection of musical sweetness.

We didn't leave disappointed.


It was a Chinese-made fake.

And it was wonderful.

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That is hawt.


btw the original ending line of this entry was "PS BECCA LOOK ITS YR KEYBOARD" but we've covered that ground so much already

This is actually the first time you've posted a picture with it in the background that I didn't even notice




What is happening here

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