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We've Moved!



Due to issues with the "free" web host provider now charging excessive amounts of money to keep the website running, apparently due to the site getting a large amount of unique visitors, we have had to move the website to a new host, and therefore change its domain.


As part of the move, I have also given the site a minor overhaul. Its banner has been updated, the unused chatroom removed, and other parts of the website tidied up.


In addition, I have added a large number of games to the Games page. Unfortunately, the promised Mata Nui Online Game 2 is not among them. The version I have been given crashes when trying to load the starting room, and so cannot be run. If someone else could find a version that works in a browser window, please contact me.


As far as I'm aware, I still can't advertise the site here because elements other than the chatroom made it illegal to do so. You will have to seek out other branches to find the new site.

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Actually, if you bought the domain name at a proper registrar, it isn't tied to one specific host, and even most webhosts allow transferring domains registered through them. Unless you were using a free subdomain provided by your former host, in which case the host obviously owns the domain and it cannot be transferred.


Webhosting isn't all that expensive, though. For prices like $7 you can easily get yourself one, with near-unlimited bandwidth and storage.

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