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Midnight nostalgia

Lady Kopaka


BZP hi I miss all off you bbies lots of hugs how is everyone?


I am really avoiding going to bed after a grusome 15 hour work day and I don't want to work agian tomorrow, so I thought, hey, I haven't been on BZP in awhile


so here have a picture of HB Zaktan pouting






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LADY KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! : D I hope everything's going well with you--it's great to see you here again! ^^

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Whoa, a blog entry by Lady K! What a treat!


Things are mostly going well here. Haven't seen a lot of members of the old artist vanguard like Niki active for a while, and truth be told the general art subforum doesn't have the most activity most of the time. Certainly not as much stunning artwork as it once had. But there's still a small, healthy community here, at least in the subforums I frequent.


Lovely Zaktan doodle! You're definitely still really good at drawing people. Especially handsome dudes.

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