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Nintendo and Pikmin



I heard somewhere that Nintendo makes Pikmin just for fun, not for profit, and wouldn't care if it makes a loss on the series. Can anyone here confirm if that's true?


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That would be super awesome if those were actually their intentions, but with Nintendo's current financial situation, I doubt it's true. I mean, they have to take ad revenue from Let's Plays now!

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Yeah, I doubt they would just take a loss without any concern. Game development may be fun, but it also takes many months of hard work, and that's time spent not working on games that could help your bottom line.


This isn't to say that the part about Nintendo making Pikmin for fun, not profit, is untrue. But I think this mostly means that they make it even if it makes them less money than more profitable series like Pokémon, Mario, or The Legend of Zelda. If they were actually spending more money on the series than they were taking in, then they'd quickly realize that they were doing something wrong and that their priorities need to change.

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I think Nintendo makes Pikmin for fun and profit...


In all seriousness though, I imagine what you heard probably has something to do with Pikmin being a newer, less famous IP than some of Nintendo's other franchises. They probably make Pikmin games knowing full well they'll rake in less money than a new Mario or Zelda, but they still want to make an overall profit.

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