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Things to do before BrickFair



-Build some (like 4) steampunk stuff for the cool steampunk minifigs I've made

-Make sure I use more than just brown. Use gears and functionality. (As if that needs saying.)

-Build something for the Pharaoh's Quest collab, because Greg is part of WAMALUG and super-cool.

-Build my secret Galaxy Squad idea which only works this year.

-Build a 16x16 Micropolic thing because that theme is super-cool and I keep forgetting to.

-Mope about not building any new Bionicle stuff since 2010, but bring all my old stuff anyway to fill the theme.


-Realize I won't get much pleasure reading done like I have in most recent months, but it will be worth it.

-Register MOCs.

-Be awesome.


If this list didn't exist I'd just time-travel to August and hang out with you lovely people.


-CF :kakama:


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