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Lead Instrument Suggestions



So I've got a piece of music that's been sitting unfinished on my computer for something like two years. The current list of instruments is as follows-



-Alto Saxophone

-Electric Guitar (Jazz)

-Electric Bass (Fingered)




The first section went along fairly smoothly, with a four-measure ostinato primarily played by the flute and saxophone... the only problem is that, at this time, there isn't actually a lead instrument. Nothing's actually playing a melody over this, which is a big problem that kind of needs to be fixed before I go forward with this.


I'm going to experiment with various instruments to see what works well here. Suggestions are encouraged, as they might make my work here a little bit easier.


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Tried my other options for electric guitar (clean, overdrive, distortion - writing with TuxGuitar) before the trumpet suggestion was made. Might see about adding violin into the mix to back up the trumpet.

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All excellent choices, though I don't intend to write for didgeridoo until I own one.


Also, not really seeing a place for violin to fit into the piece at this time. Still a bit iffy on the melody the trumpet's playing, but at least I'm reasonably sure it's the right instrument.

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