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New Policy!

Little Miss Krahka


This change in the advertising policy is awesome. That was literally the stupidest rule on any site I've ever been on.


That being said, my main blog that I post on is full of swear words, (even though the nsfw tag has only two things in it) so I'm not linking to it. If you know me, you probably know where to find me. (HINT: I'M MOST OF THE SEARCH RESULTS FOR "KRAHKA")


But I am going to be posting so many dolls on this thing and you can't even stop me.


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I briefly thought about sharing my blog from the same site, but realized it's 75% not-cool-for-BZP so whatever hahaha

i was gonna do the same but then i realized mine is 100% TOO-cool-for-bzp B)

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It'd be difficult to explain my username that isn't Krahka anymore. >_>

Hahahahaha OH YEAH


When you started liking and sharing my stuff under that name, I was like "OMG who is that????"



Lol Ran you are always too-cool-for-BZP.

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