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A WIP and a brief explanation of a hobby of mine

Little Miss Krahka



Base (Pixel Princess exclusive)


So let me introduce you to the hobby of mine that I haven't been able to show off to BZP because of the advertising policy.


So dolling. Dolling is a collaborative art process that's based off of paper dolls. People make paper doll Barbie-naked bases and other people take them and add all the hair, clothes, edits, everything to make them come alive. It's a lot of fun. I could explain better but I don't feel like it. If you're interested, just contact me and I can hook you up with some tutorials.


So anyway, I've been doing that for like, eight years now. This is a work in progress of human Gali Mistika. All I need now are the boots, but I still feel like she's missing something. Hmmm...


Anyway, that's what I was looking forward to most, because you have to link to the base artist's site to credit them, so as not to be dishonest about their part in your creation.


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the link just took me to an under construction page - which is a shame because that's some inspiring pixelin' you've been doing there and i kinda wanna make some of my own now :'(

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She's still active on one of my dolling forums, which is where she posted it, it was part of a base race, which is where you use a list of bases and try to make as many (good) dolls on it as fast as possible.

I didn't complete this base race (since this doll is still a WIP), but I like this enough to keep it going.

Man, the tutorial that got me into dolling in the first place years ago is gone, but the basic idea of HERE IS BASE PUT STUFF ON BASE is pretty easy to grasp.

Here's a tutorial by one of my favorite pixel artists and dollers. It covers a lot of stuff, and I'm not sure how much of it will be helpful since it's not all basic stuff?

As I said, if you wanna know more stuff, just PM me or whatever.

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