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Brickfair Plans



Hey, everypony! I know I haven't blogged in a while but I figured I ought to share what my plans are for Brickfair VA this year. Yep, my brothers and I will be going again this year, as has become a tradition. I'm a bit sad that this means I can't make it to BronyCon, which is going to be in Baltimore the very same weekend, but hopefully next year the two events will be scheduled on different weekends but BronyCon will remain near my home in Virginia.


Anyway, I've already registered my MOCs for Brickfair. Most of them are Hero Factory MOCs this time around, which is nice, since last year I ended up spending so much of my time near the BIONICLE table anyway. I will be bringing Kit Martello (who has been modded somewhat since I entered her in BBCC#64), Koboldon in both his Before Mutation and After Mutation forms (who I'm now allowed to mention was a contest entry in the "Before & After Brain Attack" contest on Eurobricks forums, which is currently in voting), and my Hero Factory Canine Buddy (who has had minor cosmetic alterations for his IRL debut). Rise of the Dread Colossus, an Atlantis MOC which Lyichir and I exhibited last year, will be making a return appearance.


I will also be bringing some of my LEGO-related artwork to display. It's nothing too impressive but it was well-received last year and I've gotten a couple drawings done since then. Natalie Breez, Jaller, Captain of the Guard, The Venerable Turaga Vakama, Swarm of the Century, Kai and Family, and Captain of the Guard (not to be confused with the previous Jaller drawing I mentioned). I have other LEGO art such as my MLP:FiM/Ninjago crossover drawing Welcoming Cousin Spitfire, but I do not know if I'll be exhibiting it because it is sketchier and has never been brought to any level of finality. I will, however, be bringing my drawing folder in case I want to share any of my less finished or less LEGO-related art with any other artists in attendance, just as I did last year.


I'm very much looking forward to visiting the vendor area, where I hope to get some bulk Hero Factory parts like I did last year (that decision definitely paid off) and some more specific System elements I've lately found myself in need of. I'm not entirely sure what I can expect to find, but since last year there was no shortage of parts from 2011 Hero Factory sets (which I imagine the sellers may have picked up on clearance), then I hope to see an abundance of parts from 2012 Hero Factory sets and Super Heroes constraction sets this time around.


Most importantly, though, I'm looking forward to spending time with people I've gotten to know online, including some of my more recent acquaintances from Brickset, Flickr, BZPower, and Eurobricks, as well as many of my older friends from BZPower like Lady Kopaka, Turakii #1 Lava Surfer, Toa Lhikan Hordika, and Omicron. Many in this latter category are friends who have not been especially active on BZPower for a long time, for one reason or another, but whom I've kept tabs with on Facebook and other sites.


I'm wondering about possibly bringing my iPod and a small stereo to Brickfair. I find Brickfair is very, very often lacking in terms of music. Last year at the BIONICLE tables someone brought some music and it really livened things up. Plus, I happen to have a decent amount of LEGO music on my iPod: the BIONICLE Power Pack, all the Cryoshell songs used in BIONICLE promotions, and over two and a half hours of music from the Ninjago soundtrack. I'm not entirely settled on bringing music but I'm thinking it could be worthwhile at least on the non-public days (Thursday and Friday).


If you want to find me at Brickfair, I'll most likely spend most of my time either walking the show floor or hanging out at the BIONICLE tables with the BZPower crowd. You should be able to recognize me by my badge, which will be bigger but otherwise mostly unchanged from last year. And perhaps also by my glasses and hair which are not all that different from how they appear on the sigfig in my avatar. I look forward to connecting with many people I've met online this year, and I hope we can exchange contact details so I can possibly deepen some of those relationships!


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I'm also going to be there! In addition to participating in the things Aanchir has mentioned above, I will be packing my 3DS. I got LOADS of Streetpasses last year, and can only hope to get even more this year with all the awesome people in attendance! My Mii's name is Andrew, and will be wearing a blue shirt and a 3DS hat, so fellow 3DS-havers should keep an eye out for me!

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We will have the big speaker and music again. It is Black Six' speaker, and the iPod was Nukaya's.


Can't wait to see you there! I'll have a big new MOC that I'm going to have to... dragon to the convention. Pun!

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I'll be there. This is what my badge looks like, so you can find me that way. Here's a list of MOCs I'll have at BrickFair:

I'm going to be meeting up with some friends from Brickipedia/Brickimedia, BZPower, BioMedia Project, Eurobricks and others, along with some LEGO employees like Tim Courtney and Kevin Hinkle. I'll be hanging around the Bionicle table during public hours and when nothing else is going on, and I'll also be at each seminar. Hope to see you all there. :)

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