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Ask A Krahka

Little Miss Krahka



So I'm slightly bored cough cough avoiding studying so here's your exciting opportunity to ask me anything. ANYTHING.


Nothing's off limits. My weird obsession with asexual alien frogmen? ASK ME ABOUT IT. My spiritual connection to Krahka? SURE. My spiritual connection to Petey Plane? GO FOR IT. Advice on pixel art? BRING IT. Justifications for my crack ships? AWWWW YEAHHHH I CAN TALK ALL DAY. Why I've been here for so long? MAN I DON'T KNOW ASK ME ANYWAY.



Recommended Comments

Actually the spiritual connection to Krahka thing sounds awesome.


I love her character and feel like she's rarely discussed to a satisfying degree.


Also, her relationship with Onewa was always very interesting to me.


So basically, what is it that you love about her? Have you ever felt any similarities between you and she?

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