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How To Make BZPers Feel Old In Less Than Ten Words



Mask of Light was released 10 years ago.






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LoMN will always be my fav overall, but man. I remember when they first put up the MoL website! I'd sit at the computer for hours just to wait for the teaser clips to load on my dial-up connection, but I didn't care because it was so cool.


Ahhhh the glory days. :'D

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I didn't ask for these feels :'(


I remember when I would watch that movie compulsively...at one point, my brother and I quoted the entire movie, word for word, off the top of our heads. Ah, the good old days....

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Omigosh yes. It came out September 18th, 2003.


I know this because at the age of 14/15, I was so excited that I burned the day into my memory forever.

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it feels like thats how long its been since ive seen it too x_x


ive been itching to watch it again forever and i guess now i have reason to lmao

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It wasn't until October that it was released here, can't find when, but the 17th sounds about right. I remember waiting all day at school to get home and watch it 'cause I asked my mum to get it that day. Yeah, simpler times. But yeah, certainly feel old now, geez.



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Oh man I remember counting down the days until it was released and then being disappointed that it wasn't in theaters.

Being seven was a lot of fun.

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For some reason that just doesn't make me feel old at all. I guess it's because the "10 year" shock happened when Bionicle itself was 10 years old two whole years ago. The fact that it's now the 10th anniversary of 2003 doesn't faze me.

Technology anniversaries and milestones tend to do the job better. The fact that my 3DS can play an N64 game, and do it better than the N64 itself could in a time when "handheld gaming" meant distinguishing different shades of gray-green never ceases to amaze me.

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