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CeeCee Comic Preview (W.I.P)



Dont know if Im going to stick with the name... not very catchy. This is all I have done so far (its only the first page). I hope it looks slightly reminiscent of the first comic issue of BIONICLE as that's what I was going for. Let me know if you cant read the text. I was having troubles with that. Also let me know if you have a hard time understanding what is going on. Making sure people can follow is something I really want to do in the comics.


The Story


Six Bionicle toys (Kopaka, Avak, Kalmah, Mutran, Macku and Whenua) are transported into the Bionicle world by an unknown force. At first, this seems like a dream come true for the team has dreamed of nothing more that becoming real Bionicles, and known has dreamed this dream as much as Kopaka. They soon find out that being a real Bionicle isnt all its cracked up to be. In the midst of a brutal war, the six are stranded are forced to take sides. But how far will they go to fit into the new world they have been thrown into?




Recommended Comments

Very nice, quality is pretty good. It's got the same home-y feel to it as your avs. Humour, while being short, was funny and I had a short laugh. I would suggest that when you start the series (officially[?]) you make one or two comics before they make it to the Bionicle universe.


1000000/5 starz A+++++++++++ n confetti

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It's not in the Bionicle universe yet at the moment, they are just filming the first comic. The second page will explain it better.

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