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The no monthly fee thing is a little bit of false advertising; I really did have to spend money per month during one stage of the game. And although there's a massive world, there is only a small bit of it available to you for a good while at first; they should fix that on the next patch.


Also, I've noticed the graphics worsen at a few points, usually for no reason whatsoever; the draw distance is dropped to almost nothing in those situations. That could lead to bad situations, since you can barely see what's being loaded in the distance.

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Meh, MMOs were never my thing. IRL never impressed me, so I'm not particularly keen on trying out anything made by this developer.

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The leveling system is atrocious and is a horrible mess. They really need to make some improvements in the next patch.

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I hate how you have to wash your armor every couple of day/night cycles. I tried skipping it once, just because it was so monotonous, and all the NPCs started running away from me.

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