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Fictional Character Face-Off: Link vs. Sora




So remember this? Of course you don't. Well the gist of this whole thing is that I pit two fictional characters against each other for you wonderful people in the blogosphere to debate who the victor is going to be. Normally, I'd write up a quick narrative on how the battle started, but I cannot figure out how to do so for this match, so we're going to skip to the rules.

For simplicity, the Link discussed is the Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. Both characters have access to all weapons and abilities from their respective games, though they cannot have any outside assistance (this means no partners or fairies). The battle goes on until one of them is either dead or unable to continue battling. And no, their good natures don't affect them and make them into good buddies at the end. Think Death Battle rules.


Got it? Okay... GO!


EDIT: You may now interpret which Link you would want to use. But remember, any Link is at their fullest potential when fighting.



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As much as I like Link, I gotta say, Sora wins this. Would be a little more of a contest if it was Link To The Past Link; but, well, even fully powered up, Sora kinda has the advantage with his abilities. Especially if we're going with Dream Drop Distance's Sora, where he can just Flowmotion across the arena, making himself practically untouchable, and then basically just do a hit and run strategy.


But, really; even with his magic, he could just stay there and keep attacking. The only benefit that Link really has is the fairies; he could survive long enough to manage to deal enough damage to force Sora to try and heal, and then deal one final blow because he could pull off a healing spell. And if it's based off the more MP-reliant Sora instances, he could just wait until he's outta MP and items. =P

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No fairies? So, no Z-targeting? Link is at a severe disadvantage from the get-go, can't even face towards his opponent properly. Would still win though.

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I'm no expert on Link, and which version of Sora we're using will definitely be important, but overall I think the Kingdom Hearts series has somewhat more...flashy abilities. Sure, Link can get a lot done with his sword, shield, and a few spells, but no matter which Sora we use, he has a wider variety of magic, plenty of different passive abilities, big attacks like Strike Raid and Ars Arcanum, and the Dodge Roll, the ultimate defensive maneuver! :P

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Link can also be an immovable object at times. The Hylian Shield can literally block any blow, and the Mirror Shield can do that, and reflect magic too. He could potentially stall and not get attacked, unless it hit him from behind, which is unlikely if he locked-on to them. Also, there are Links who lock-on to targets without fairies.

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i'm not super-savvy with either of these universes but Sora cuts skyscrapers in half


no amount of courage is going to protect you from a skyscraper

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I'd think that the Graviga spell would be a little hard to defend against, since it increases gravity on the target and deals a fixed proportion of damage. Similarly, the Magnet spells would drag Link in and pull him off the ground, making it more difficult for him to defend himself. Some of Sora's combo abilities in KHII would also be difficult to avoid--Link may be able to block the first few hits, but Sora could then use a burst of magic (without using MP) to launch him from beneath, leaving him open for an aerial combo, following up with a Magnet-variant that pulls him back in (without using MP) before flinging him away. Sora also doesn't need to depend on items to restore his magical power. KH1 Sora regenerates MP as he attacks, KHII Sora recharges it once it's empty, and 3D Sora uses Deck Commands that have individual recharge times.

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In my opinion, as unfamiliar with Sora as I am, I think it'd come down to one major thing: arena size. Small, enclosed, space? Link, Sora doesn't have the power to zip around without getting hit too much. Large, open field? Sora, his spells would tear Link apart from long range. (No Rods or Arrows would be enough.)

I'll just assume a medium size, like a basement. Yeah. That works.

(ALTTP Link)

Let's see.. perhaps it's just my LoZ bias, but Link would win out here. Any medallion would stun Sora long enough for Link to get close and bring the fight to close-quarters, where Link easily has the upperhand with his bombs, sword, shield, hookshot, rods and bow n' arrow if Sora attempts to escape. Likely most of Sora's more powerful magic would be kept from emerging from Link never giving him a chance to breath.

Just my take on it.


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HOWEVER if they were fighting underwater Link would win(assuming Zora armor) because all Sora can do underwater is sing painfully cheesy songs OH BURNNNNNNNNNNN

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