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Fanfic News and Updates




So the forums are back online. Thankfully I didn't lose much, just the second half of The Legend Reloaded and the first posted half of My Little BIONICLE: Friendship is Explosive. I have both comedies saved onto my computer, so expect to see a new chapter a day for both until they are at the point they were pre-hacking.


Also, I am working on the third draft of In the End, the sequel to Dawn of the New Century. Based on the current rate I am working at, it will probably be ready for posting in early-to-mid 2014, though no promises.


And NaNoWriMo is next month! As usual, I will keep you guys updated on my word count here on the blog. I am doing an original novel this year, one I am going to try to publish on Kindle later. No idea when I'll release it, but rest assured I will let y'all know when it's ready.


That's also for now, so see ya,





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