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What's been up




So I guess I should update this thing a bit. Seeing as I've been away for a while.


Let's see. First of all, for all you who started college this semester, especially those who chose the illustrious Physics major. Don't worry. Sophomore year is much harder. :P


I'm in an electronics course that started with only seven people, two of which dropped it due to grades. :(


Aside from that though, I'm still loving Physics, and tutoring might be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. The class I tutor is basically Phys 101 for Chem and Bio majors. So slightly easier, but not by much. It's a lot of fun to tutor though, it's one of the high points of my week. Plus I get paid. Which is nice.


As far as games I've beaten this semester

Dark Souls (Easily in top 5 games ever)

Bioshock 2


The Walking Dead

Bioshock Infinite

Spec Ops: The Line



Also I've prordered the Zelda 3DS XL because OMIGOSH ITS SO PRETTY HAVE YOU SEEN IT?!?!

I'm super pumped for that. Especially since I haven't had a handheld since the GBA came out. Maybe I'll finally be able to play the DS Zeldas. Also Pokemon X. Because Mega Charizard X.


Also, I guess I hit my 5th BZP-verssiary a while back. Huh. Oh well, Olmak is still my least favorite spinny.


Anyways, I should get back to writing that ten page paper that's due Wednesday. Along with the Physics also due Wednesday. And the Calc test Tuesday.

I'm a little swamped over here.


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Tutoring is pretty great. I think one of the best parts, aside from helping others and getting paid, is that it reinforces a lot of the basic concepts. This means I still remember a lot of basic physics and calculus stuff and could probably re-derive other things if need be, all despite not having used it in three years.

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