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On Friday, Aanchir and I got out to our local comic book store, and left with one of the biggest comic hauls we've ever gotten in a single outing.


(Image link)


Pretty sweet, huh? They had run out of My Little Pony Issue 12, but we did get quite a few other things.


The Search, Part Three is good (as I've come to expect from the Avatar comics), and does a good job of resolving the search for Zuko's mother, as well as providing some sense of closure in regards to Azula.


The Sandman Overture #1 is beautiful. It's a bit hard to get a sense of where the story is going this early in (this being the first time I've had to read the series issue by issue rather than in compiled graphic novel form). But every single page is stunning, and I don't expect Neil Gaiman to disappoint me as the series goes on.


The MLP Annual 2013, which is Equestria Girls themed, is pretty excellent as well. I was one of those fans who never really had a problem with Equestria Girls (besides the fact that the toys are even less like their show counterparts than the normal pony toys are), but even so, I'd recommend this even to fans who disliked the movie. Both parts of the annual (The Fall of Sunset Shimmer and the redundantly titled "Equestria Girls") tell a more complex and nuanced story than the movie did. The latter story, for those who were wondering, is also a prequel to the movie, telling the story of how the "Main Five" first met, and helping to build up the world of Canterlot High beyond the cursory look at it we got in the movie.


Axe Cop: President of the World did disappoint me somewhat, if only because it tells a less cohesive story than the series' previous print outing, Bad Guy Earth. There's no lack of the wild imagination that makes Axe Cop unique, though, so even with a slightly worse story it's still a thrill to read.


The last comic was a Halloween exclusive preview of the MLP comic series. It only features an excerpt from issue #4, which I already owned and had read, but it was free, and thus worth it if only to add to my collection of MLP comics.


I hadn't been able to get out to the comic shop with any regularity compared to when I was up in Boston and the nearest comic shop was within walking distance. But after today's haul, I'm more optimistic about future visits.


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