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First Shiny Ever



So, while hunting for a Mawile, I found a shiny Solrock.

While cool, I wish it was a pokemon I would ever use again. :P


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i mean in general

most people i know or have talked to have found AT LEAST one shiny

and i still haven't found one. eh. it's just differently colored pokemon.

that are rare. and occasionally look cool. whereas others don't.

and some look exactly the same *coughshinygarchompcough*

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I accidentally caught a shiny Tentacool. I was halfway through fighting it and one of my friends runs in, sees it, nearly spits out his cereal, and yells "CATCH- JUST GIVE ME THE DS, NICK!"


Upon which he shoved me out of my seat and took Heartgold from me.

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Congrats! Red Solrock is actually pretty cool. I ran into a shiny in the Glittering Cave too once, but it was the far-less-cool half of the shiny psychic rock duo....Shiny Lunatone is literally only Lunatone with a blue eye. You definitely got the better deal!

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