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I'm Breathing!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


But, despite that shocking revelation, ladies and gentlemen, I have found I am still able to function!


Quick boring life update: I'm leaving Thursday morning for somewhere near Hackuchii at a key phase in the moon for Bible quizzing, and won't be back until late on Sunday. I might be able to get on a few times to check my messages, but I'll be very busy hunting daffodils and trying to find firewood so we don't freeze to death, so don't expect much.


*Breathe in.*


*Breathe out.*





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Breathing is always a good start. Is the rest of you still working? Heart, brain, etc? If not, it may be a pretty big problem.



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No... No... NO!!!


It can't be, my buddy, my best buddy... LIVES! Why! Why her! Tell me wh-y-y-y! *Cries* Why-y-y...


Why didn't you tell me? why? How could you!


You... You... Living!


--- *Gets Idea* Eureca! Uh... Eureqa... Ugh... Eureeka... Eu-Eurek-no, Youre-No... *Mumbles, mumbles*


I know! Try not to find wood, so that you freeze to death!


:) I helped!


The Disousa

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