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Near-Fatal Good Luck



My luck in Minecraft has an interesting flavour to it lately - I set out from my home on a savanna plateau, hoping to find a mesa from which to get hardened clay for use in the construction of my house.


I did not find a mesa biome.


Instead, I found three villages and five desert temples, leading to quite the collection of enchanted books, horse armor, diamonds and other goodies... and a rather low food supply by the time I turn back - or think that is what I am doing.


This results in me getting desperate enough for food to drop some planks and craft a fishing rod.


This results, not in food for the first few casts, but a Punch II, Power IV bow, 4 puffer fish, and a few random useless trinkets. After getting enough salmon and unnamed fish to stop starving to death, I continue south, confident that I will see my hilltop tower any second now...


...Except I'm now two kilometers south of the origin point, and did not walk that far in setting up my base.


Good thing I found a horse right after making this realization, really. Diamond horse armor and a convenient saddle undoubtedly saved my life tonight.


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Yeah, but I still can't find a bloody mesa. I need one in order to get materials for my intended house. The one thing I've actually set out to accomplish in this world has been an abject failure.

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