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The [Wrong] Land of Hope and Glory



So, my search for a mesa biome continues, as I have covered more than ten kilometers searching for that magical land of disco clay and pretty sand.


Today, the search has hit a milestone - the first time I've found an entirely different ultra-rare biome while looking for mesas.




On the one hand, this is really cool.


On the other, I really wanted a mesa.


It doesn't really help that I have nothing with Silk Touch.


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Funny story, I was trying to make an island theme park map (think Hawaii and Disneyworld) and I really wanted a jungle. When I tried to generate one using the seed thing one of the things I got was... a Mesa biome. So I know how you feel man, I still haven't found my jungle biome. Speaking of Mesa Biomes I still have that one (thankfully) so maybe I could send you it or something?

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Well, I'm trying to find the biome within a specific world I'm working on, because the house I have planned on a savanna plateau requires materials exclusive to the mesa biome. Knowing a seed in which mesas can readily be found would be pretty wonderful for other reasons, but I would still be having to wander around in the world I already have, trying to find the legendary disco mountains.

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Oh yeah, I was talking to Humva on Skype when I stumbled across this very biome, I thought it was some sort of glitch at first and my trees weren't loading. Regardless it's really cool.

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