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Initial thoughts on Frozen

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


I should let you guys know now that I have yet to see this movie.


However, I have heard it is based off of Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Snow Queen." I happen to have The Complete Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen in my personal library, and I just so happened to have read the story (the tale is actually split into seven short stories which chronicle the adventures of two characters).


You guys, if you like this movie, then read the story. It is wonderful. Be aware that I will write a short summary of the story in the next few paragraphs. As this story is around 200 years old I feel like putting spoiler tags would be a bit redundant (however I will not spoil the ending).


Ye be warned.




The story "The Snow Queen" is about two childhood friends, Kay and Gerda, and how a twist of fate sets them on two separate journeys across the world. It starts with an ancient mirror crafted by the devil which distorted the reflection of anything that met its path. Goblins wanted to shine this mirror at the Angels and laugh at their distortions, but on their way into the sky, the mirror is dropped to earth and it shatters into millions of tiny shards. When these shards get into the eyes of men, their view of the world is distorted and when it reaches the hearts of men, it turns their heart to a block of ice.


Kay and Gerda are neighbors who are as close as brother and sister. One day, however, Kay feels his heart and eye sting, and then sees the world distorted. He sees the flaws of everyone in his town, including Gerda. The only thing he sees perfection in are snowflakes that fall from the sky. One winter night, the snowflakes grow larger and larger and form into the Queen of Snow. During a twist of fate, Kay ends up going with her to her palace to live with her, as he sees her as perfection (read the story because I skipped over tons of great material). However, since Kay disappeared the townsfolk thought he had drowned in a nearby river. Gerda, after mourning, finds hope that Kay is not dead and leaves into the world to look for him. She takes her favorite pair of red shoes and offers them to the river in hopes that the river would return Kay to her. The shoes wash back to shore, however, and so Gerda decides to throw them into the river from a boat, as she thinks she merely did not throw them in far enough. Her motion of throwing her shoes sets the boat into the current of the river and Gerda thus is forced into her adventure where she seeks Kay in the great world.


Gerda has many adventures (read da story!) and actually has many opportunities to settle down and live well-off from her origins in poverty. However, she only wishes to find her friend, and her determination leads her to the home of the Ice Queen herself.




While the original story itself is a very heartwarming story of friendship and love, I must say that from the trailers, the premise of Frozen actually seems similar. The main protagonist seems to resemble Gerda looking for a loved one, I must say the imminent everlasting snow storm is akin to the boat that forces her into beginning her quest.


This looks promising to me, although I'm not sure where the idea for a Jar-jar snowman came from...


I've seen a few trailers and a clip from the movie "Let it go." Elsa seems to be where the idea of Kay from the orignal went as far as I can tell. While Elsa and the Snow Queen are one and the same in this movie, Elsa was still forced by a twist of fate to leave her home. You could say that The Snow Queen did steal her away from her family, as she had no control of whether or not she had her powers.


Other than that, I do see some other elements from the original in the trailers such as the presence of wolves, a dark forest, a reindeer character as a guide (so I assume), and the general presence of magic. In contrast, it looks like the story has been a bit complicated with the presence of a coronation and a sense of responsibility. This isn't in itself bad, but it does seem to get away from Hans Christian Andersen's style of writing (a simple idea which may be applied to the life of anyone).


I'm not expecting this film to mirror the original story (hah. They always butcher the original. Though, it is pretty butchering, I must admit), although I am interested in seeing how they took the elements of the story and transformed them into something new.


I must say I am more excited about seeing Frozen (all I had to go on before were trailers with a really annoying snowman and a bunch of hype from people I've never met saying it was the best thing since The Lion King which happened to be on the television. You know, because television never lies).


I have heard many positive things about Frozen, however I haven't really met anyone who was as interested in Fairy Tales as I am, so I'm not sure if they have the same expectations as I do. ^^' However, I am very much looking forward to seeing the movie... sometime...


Whassat, Billy? You don't know who Hans Christian Andersen is?


... GET OFF MY COPENHAGEN LAWN! (Copenhagen is now an adjective).


~Tekulo <3


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I also enjoy fairy tales, and have read The Snow Queen prior to seeing the movie. Frozen is a fairly loose adaption, to say the least, but the overall idea of someone making a journey to rekindle a 'lost' relationship is definitely present in the film (in fact it's the entire plot). But aside from that and the presence of a person with snow powers... they really don't have a whole lot in common.

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@ Bambi: Haha, well to each their own. ^^


@V1P2 (because I'm lazy and would rather write these parenthesis as an explanation than spell out the entire username): Yeah, I've heard that the two stories are vastly different. Normally that's what happens with Disney films. Even so, I'm looking forward to comparing the two as is my usual hobby. XP

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Fair enough, although not all of Disney's adaptions are as loose as this one. Tangled and Beauty and the Beast, for example, were much closer to the source material. Granted they (particularly the former) both took liberties with characters and plots to make them more interesting (and kid friendly), but the general storylines were similar.


Although, as you say, it's always interesting to compare the original stories with the adaptions to see how they differ thematically. If anything I think these differences can actually make them more interesting (and, at any rate, the original versions aren't necessarily the original originals anyway).

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Haha, very true about the originals not being the originals. The Brothers Grimm invited story tellers to their homes and then recorded down their stories that way. Of course, it's entirely possible they altered the stories to their liking. They even omitted stories from their works for having French origin (as they wanted to bring out German nationalism).


Not only that, but Cinderella, while recorded by the Brothers Grimm, actually is thought to come from an Asian origin. The fairy godmother character wasn't added in until a much later version (then again, Cinderella has some of the most adaptations out of all stories).

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:kaukau: I think that there's a pretty good reason why they called this Frozen instead of The Snow Queen. That is to say, they are different stories altogether. I wouldn't say that Frozen is based off of The Snow Queen so much as it is inspired by it. There are common elements, and they owe credit where credit is due. If they hadn't given The Snow Queen credit, just imagine the people who would say "Well they obviously took this from something else!" People gave that sort of criticism of The Lion King and its resemblance to Hamlet.


So overall, yeah, I do really love the original story, but I already say an animated movie based off of it. Seeing this movie was actually a bit of a throwback, since indeed it was cool to see some of the tie-ins to something familiar. At the same time, it was an amazing original experience focusing in on Disney's strong point, which is a fairytale about princesses.



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... Yeah, I really should see this movie in the near future... I regret not ditching my friends at the movies already. XP (Okay, so I don't... but when I was buying my ticket it was tempting to ditch them to see Frozen instead of Anchorman 2)

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