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As of this morning, I posted the epilogue of my latest comedy, My Little BIONICLE: Friendship is Explosive. At 15 chapters, it is officially complete, so I'd say this is the perfect time to read it, especially if you are a Bionicle or MLP fan.


In other news, I recently started reposting the Shika Trilogy in an omnibus format here in the Epics forum with a five chapter a week schedule. It's the perfect opportunity to snark at my old writing, so I'd take it if I were most of you :P .


Regarding In the End, I have not yet started editing the third draft. I have a bunch of other projects at the moment that are a bit more pressing. I will keep y'all posted on this leading up to its release.


I am going to be doing more blog posts in the Looking Back series, although again I am not sure how many. The next one will be about my favorite stories from the Shikaverse, although I won't say what they are just yet or when I will post it. I intend to get that blog post out before the end of the month, so stayed tuned for that.


That's all for now, so see ya,




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