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So yesterday after watching an AMAZING episode of My Little Pony, Aanchir, Meiko and I went up to Potomac Mills to see Catching Fire before it left theaters for good. As I expected, it was excellent. And as a bonus, we got to visit the Lego store! My haul was as follows:


70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

70724 NinjaCopter

President Business Collectible Minifigure

Emmet Poster, Wyldstyle Poster (which I missed last week), and Benny Poster


Pick-a-Brick Cup (including, among other things, more than a hundred each of Olive Green cheese slopes and Light Bley 1x1 round tiles)

Uni-Kitty Key Light (not from the Lego store, but from the Books-a-Million which a Lego store employee helpfully informed me had two in stock)

Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare (also from Books-a-Million, obviously)


Meiko also picked up 71006 The Simpsons House to review, as well as 70808 Super Cycle Chase. All in all, a good day. And I'm now the proud owner of two Uni-Kittys (the fig itself and a light-up keychain). It was a somewhat modest haul for a trip to the Lego store, but it was satisfying, and I'll be able to pick up the slack next month when I visit as part of the BZPower Lego Movie Meetup!


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