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The Kindle Fire...

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


Okay, so I got a Kindle Fire in the mail this morning, and I`ve been testing out for most of the day. (Day off work, whoo!)


So far everything seems to be running smoothly. Netflix is fantastic (it is wonderful to be able to point and click to edit subtitle and audio options while the video is running, and it loads really quickly when browsing through the video).


I also got a bluetooth keyboard, which is very tiny. While it does make me feel like a giant, my cat has so far stepped around the kindle entirely as my hands are taking up all of the walking space on the keyboard. That is a major bonus in my favor. XP Also, it`s short, so it doesn`t look like they will be chewing on the corners of my screen anytime soon.


Texting on Skype is proving to be a bit of a challenge, though. That and the apostrophe key is a bit tricky to master as it`s part of a shift function on the k key (I am not used to this happening to a commonly used key). Also, there is no mouse and it`s kind of blowing my mind away. The battery life seems to be holding up well. When I first turned it on it was at 69% and now after an afternoon of activity it has gone down to around 40% which doesn`t seem too shabby.


One of the main reasons I decided to get a tablet was because my laptop has a loose wire which disabled the screen. I can still use it, but it requires a monitor to be attached, which makes the portability moot. Also, I had some spending money from the holidays. The holidays be a dangerous thing. Ye be warned.



(Wait, I can`t find the key for the squiggley line! NOOOOOOOOOO!) Tekulo <3


Edit: Found it! ~


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