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Greetings From Maryland!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Bonjour, mon amis! Amees. Amies...ahmes...ahmis...ahmees...omis...oameies...amigos?


Anyways, so far the Flaming Doves were brutally powderpuffed by Bacon5 and Burke And The Wise Guys. It was all LarryBoy's fault; he's always to blame. However, the Mickey Mouse theme song is fantastic for bringing up self-esteem, unless your siblings command you under threat of limb removal not to utter another sound from your mouth even vaguely resembling a tune.




Speaking of which, exactly what did :onfire: do to get himself into this position?


Now, it's my suspicion he's simply another example of why you should always listen to your parents when they warn you not to tap-dance on the stove without suitable gear, but he has yet to confirm or deny my theory.





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If you ask me, I think that he just didn't use enough suntan lotion (sp?) . How's the weather in Maryland (just trying to make conversation) ? Oh, and, Greetings from where I am!!

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Man Turakii, those theories you keep making are going to revolutionize BZPower of you're not too careful :P .


Sounds like fun in Maryland. I wish you and your family the best of luck in those quizzing finals.


- :t::l::h:

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Olá Amigos! [That's... Portuguese.]


Well... Uh? :blink:










Oh! I get it!




No I don't...


Why am I writing in Paragraphs?


...And stuff?


As for your second question...


...I believe that he drank gasoline...


...Which caused him to jump.


...And burn to death.


And I'm still talking in paragraphs.


And when you tap-dance on the stove, you should always wear protection goggles and fake nails...


...It helps...


...And stuff.


How many times have I said "And Stuff"?...




...And stuff...




I should stop.


And S--


The Disousa

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*completely ignores topic*


You're in Maryland?




Oh. Sorry. :P


Seriously, though; east Maryland, west Maryland, any-other-direction Maryland? You may have passed near my town! :pirate:

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