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Why I'm Excited for The Lego Movie



  1. It looks like it'll be funny, heartwarming, and spectacular looking, while paying homage to the Lego experience.
  2. The sets are fantastic and really capture the spirit of Lego creative play.
  3. It seems that it could generate more interest in Lego among the non-FOL population.
  4. My upcoming meetup will give me a chance to see some of my BZP peeps without having to wait six more months for Brickfair VA.
  5. And finally, it seems like other Lego fans will love it too. Not in the cult "there will never be anything better" sense that some people still cling to Bionicle with. Not in the "ha, ha, I like this ironically" sense that some people treat the Hero Factory or Ninjago or Chima or even the once loved Bionicle media with. Not in the "oh well, I guess the kids will like it" sense that the jaded AFOL community tends to view more whimsical themes with. And I certainly don't see the "Lego is doing everything wrong" perspective that I can't seem to escape whether I'm on BZP or Eurobricks, talking about sets or story, coming from revolutionary progressives who feel Lego isn't doing enough or from sexists or racists or otherwise backwards old geezers who feel Lego is doing too much. From what I see, the Lego fandom seems to largely be coming together in genuine, heartfelt appreciation for what this movie's shaping up to be. I'm sure once it's over BZP and Eurobricks and Tumblr will find things to complain about what it did or didn't do, but for now discussion of the movie is one of the few aspects of Lego discussion that doesn't tend to end in arguments or end up written off entirely by all but a select devoted fanbase. And I appreciate that.


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Not in the "ha, ha, I like this ironically" sense that some people treat the Hero Factory or Ninjago or Chima or even the once loved Bionicle media with.



I'm probably revealing my lack of intelligence here... but what exactly do you mean to 'like something ironically'? I thought that phrase meant someone likes something just because they think it's awful, but I can't see that definition being used in conjunction with the examples you gave. Are there people out there who like those things specifically because they think they're awful? If that's the case I must not pay attention to the online LEGO community much...

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. I'm hoping I can get some of my non-FOL friends to go check it out with me, although I expect that a good portion of them would anyway. My school community is surprisingly cool with people being silly nerds about things, especially if those things are from their childhoods. And boy did my classmates like Lego.

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That's a good way of putting it.


I've seen Clutch Powers, and I felt the main story they were going for came off a bit strong, but at the same time they had a lot of good goofy humor in there. For this it looks like the creators are focusing more on that goofy, fun humor and I think that's what they're best at in their storytelling. I've seen it not just in movies, but also in LEGO media as well (LEGO Star Wars cutscenes come to mind. XP).


I'm sure there's more to The Lego movie as well (all of this talk of a special must be going somewhere), but overall I just get this vibe of "Let's just chill and have fun with our sets" which is pretty much the attitude I have when I play with my minifigs.


So, yes, I am very excited for this movie as well. ^^

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