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Spaceships! Spaceships! Spaceships!



Look who I found hiding with some other figs on display on my shelf:




Looking forward to seeing Benny, and all the other characters, on Sunday night. You know, when there is the lowest chance of little kids in the theater because school is the next day.*


-CF :kakama:

*Because a midnight showing or something at 10 PM wouldn't work for me.


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I just went to a 10:30 AM showing today and it was pretty light on everyone, kids and adults. Works every time!

You're still rewatching that thing? How many times have you seen it?


I approve of the strategy though. (I saw it at 11:00 AM yesterday - theater was deserted.)

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I used the pretense of "having" to take my younger brother to see it. =P

I will also, "unfortunately" find myself "forced" to take my youngest brother to see it at some point.

I will then be "forced" to once again enjoy myself immensely.

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