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Mata-Nui Weekly, March 4th-11th






  • Venixa in the form of a kofu-jaga leads 'Gray' to a main junction of tunnels. While leading she reveals that Syvra lied about there being a hidden tunnel yet when 'Gray' doubted Syvra's ability to trust Venixa corrected this and revealed a slightly softer side of Syvra. With a slightly different view of Syvra 'Gray' continued on her way heading for Onu-Koro relying on the directions Venixa gave.


  • Lana jumps in on Zomma and Exa’s conversation
  • Kidona Vorske is interviewed for a position with the Ta-Koro Guard


  • Lohkar, Floria, and Gunner exit Ga-Koro as they continue their walk.
  • Miraul talks to Mar about contacting Rhea. As they talk, Miraul and his group receive plans for turrets, which are to be added to the ship they're building.
  • Aboard the Inika, Ignitus wakes up and some of his backstory is revealed. Just after he wakes up, a storm begins to brew on the horizon, and the crew begin to make preparations to weather it out.



  • The Science Hunters debate whether or not to turn Teede over to the authorities
  • An unconscious Gray is brought to the Hospital by the Darksteel Duo


  • Rhea, Nero, and Ferron continue to trail Kuhrin until they come upon a cliff in the drifts. After Ferron descends using Rhea's rope Nero says his goodbye to his employer and close companion and leaves the revenge party. Rhea and Ferron continue into a maze of stone and boulders only to be confronted by a hideously deformed creature: a savage parakuka infected individual!
  • Ambages enters his mind palace, working on his designs for the island in a fantastic post. Afterward he meets with Jaa and finishes the business of his position as Hand, then descends into the bowels of the Citadel to gain the obedience of Sukot Urn Voyok.


  • Prei and Korru receive their donuts and begin to eat them.
  • Khervos says that Noka needs to find Khervos, as he is like her grandfather.
  • Ior waits in line for his own donuts at the donut stand. He gets them and eats with Prei and Korru.
  • Noka reenters her house and finds out her grandfather has died. She then buries him with Khervos.
  • Melna and Day go downstairs from the inn.
  • Lenat runs into Stralix at the tech expo.




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