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Mata-Nui Weekly, March 11th-18th 2014





  • Reporter needed!


  • Darvin fell asleep while tanning and suffered a massive sun burn. But he had loads of energy as a result.


  • The Piraka decide to “enjoy the playground” of Ta-Koro
  • Lana asks Exa and Zomma how to go about opening a tavern in Ta-Koro
  • Wanderer finds and aids a weakened Forerunner
  • The Darksteel Duo return to town


  • Tivanu and Hahli discuss Surina's fate, and Tivanu warns Hahli not to trust Mar or his employer, Rhea.
  • Lohkar, Gunner, Floria, and Verak discover a dead Matoran with a laughing Hau carved on her chest outside Ga-Koro. Shortly afterward, Lohkar decides to set sail.
  • The Akiru finish Rhea's ship and set sail for Forsi.
  • The crew of the Inika prepare for a storm.
  • Turol appears to be attacking someone.


  • Rhea and Ferron fight the transformed beast in the drifts.
  • After sending Sukot Urn Voyok into a holding cell, The Architect sets the mercenary on a course to stop Korzaa from gaining power. Ambages then convinces Captain Korzaa to let him go visit other koros as a dignitary.


  • Still need a reporter. Kughii was too busy this week to actually get a proper reading done for Le.


  • Gray is treated at the Onu-Koro hospital
  • The Science Hunters agree to bring Teede to Kirgan’s hut
  • Stannis is in the markets discussing with Ral’hen, with Kehuri eavesdropping
  • Sucogu comes with an urgent message for Stannis
  • Seria and Wokapu discuss siblings
  • Khervos, Tuli and Noka pick up Ferron’s trail and followed into Ko-Wahi
  • Dally and Rungui hurry to Po-Koro


  • Hewkii and Korru meet, and the Akiri asks the Sentinel to walk with him. Hewkii reveals his decision to promote Korru to Captains of the Kikanalo Riders.
  • Lenat and Stralix continue to talk, particularly about how Stralix is a major celebrity on the island.
  • Wokodin passes by Tech Expo on his way to the Sentinel headquarters.
  • Sirius goes to the Tech Expo, and then sees Stralix. He decides to talk to the Skakdi.
  • Lux, who went to the Tech Expo with Sirius, is greeted by Farzan the inventor. They begin to talk about the latter’s inventions.
  • The Toa Akiru arrive in Po-Koro on a sailless ship, and use the Iron Mahi to travel to the Tech Expo.
  • Kaama rides his Guuko, fleeing some enemy.
  • The prisoner Jazek Rehn escapes from jail, and Kale begins to hunt him down, first heading to the prison he escaped from. She is joined by Prei, Merla, Gray, and several members of the Onu-Koro Ussalry.
  • Hewkii, after promoting Korru, decides to head to the tech expo. He then starts talking to Farzan, who he hires after discovering the wrist-mounted volo luto device.



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