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Epic Teaser



I was bored (even at Midnight) so I decided to post a little teaser for my next epic. I’m only doing this because I’m too lazy to actually get the thing finalized to post. :P Anyway, read on for a short excerp out of the first chapter.


Kanoka Makers of Metru-Nui


IPB Image


“YEEAAAHHHH!” shouted Kulagi in delight. He ducked his Hover-Bike into the canyon, ready to test his reflexes. A dangerous ledge jutted out from the side of the canyon, and threatened to end his ride. But at the last minute, Kulagi twisted the handlebars, and shot around it. Kulagi also felt the rush from the ride, and his Hover-Bike moved gracefully around the rocks.


Suddenly, a ledge loomed up towards him, and there wasn’t enough room to dodge around it. However, instead of slowing down, Kulagi sped up. This was just the situation he had been searching for. He was ready to test his latest addition to his Hover-Bike: a protective shield projected by a combined level eight shielding Kanoka.


He flipped a switch to activate the shield, and watched as a sudden force sphere formed around him. Kulagi shouted for joy, sure that his invention had worked. But, as quickly as it appeared, the sphere vanished. Kulagi heard a loud snap, and then his bike shuttered. He groaned as he realized what had happened; his shielding Kanoka had just shattered.


“Uh oh,” Kulagi said. The ledge was still coming closer, and he wouldn’t have enough time to break.


Well, there’s the teaser. I may post a few chapters this week, but then I’m gone next week, and I also have my Eagle Project to worry about. If you can’t wait, please check out my S&T Contest story Rahi in the Dark in the Mata-Nui Poll C. And vote for it if you think its worthy. Additionally, I’ll post my Ninjo MOC tomorrow for the BBC contest. Until later…




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