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Hey guys. I just posted the epilogue to An Unlikely Alliance in the Shika Trilogy Omnibus topic a few minutes ago, That means that the entire Shika Trilogy has been reposted, which means anyone who was putting off reading it until it was all up can read it now. Yay!


Unfortunately, I am feeling really sick right now, with only enough strength to post AUA's epilogue. Unfortunately, that means I've decided to put off In the End's release date a week.


That means, instead of being posted today, In the End's official release date is now Monday, April 7th, 2014.


I severely apologize to anyone who was looking forward to reading the prologue today, but right now I am in no mood to mess with the links and writing up a summary for the library and posting and other issues I usually deal with when posting a new epic. There's a good chance I'll mess up if I post it now, when I'm sick and tired, so I've decided to do it when I'm feeling better, which should hopefully be by next week.


Again, I really sorry. I was looking forward to posting In the End today, too, and I know this announcement was extremely last minute, but frankly I didn't plan to get sick and I don't trust myself to get everything right when I'm feeling this way. Barely even trust myself to write up this blog post, actually.


So just to be sure everyone knows, I will post In the End on Monday, April 7th, 2014, exactly one week from today. No later and no sooner than that.


My apologies,





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