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New Lego Movie Fanfiction?



So, I was thinking about writing another, longer, slightly-more-serious Lego Movie fanfiction (after my Comedies Contest entry from earlier this year). And I was bored, and all of a sudden I found that I'd written about two pages worth. Thought I'd post it here to see what people think of it and get a second opinion on whether I should keep going with it. It's tentatively titled "The Courting of Princess Unikitty".




Emmet was glad to be back at work.


It had been about a month since he had saved Bricksburg from the menace of the Kragle, and one week since President Business had smoothed out relations with the newly-discovered Planet Duplo. It had been a hectic time, and even though he had enjoyed his chance to be a hero, he had also missed working with his old friends at the construction yard.


Of course, a lot had changed. For one, Emmet was no longer just another construction worker. Ever since he had unlocked his true potential as a master builder, he was building according to his OWN instructions. In fact, Frank the Foreman had been so impressed with Emmet’s newfound creativity that he had given Emmet a promotion! Now Emmet himself was a foreman, and was in charge of helping the rest of the crew learn to think outside the box.


And the crew had certainly been busy since then. Not only was there a lot to clean up and rebuild from the Kragle incident, but they also had to set aside time each week to rebuild what the large and careless Planet Duplo creatures accidentally destroyed.


But perhaps most importantly, his old friends finally considered him a friend. Gail, Harry, and the rest of the guys had realized how poorly they had treated Emmet before he had become the special and were eager to make up for lost time by getting to know their talented co-worker. In fact, between his old friends and the new friends he had met on his adventure, Emmet had been having trouble making time for everyone. He had even tried turning his double-decker couch into a triple-decker couch just to accommodate everyone on movie nights, but he realized after building it that it wouldn’t fit into his modestly sized apartment.

~ ~ ~


Today, Emmet and his crew were working on a long-overdue assignment—the rebuilding of Cloud Cuckoo Land. They had spent days retrofitting the construction equipment with rockets, propellers, and other parts so that they could work in the high-altitude environment, and now they could finally get to work in the cloudy and chaotic kingdom.


“Hi-eeee!!!” A shrill greeting pierced the noise of the construction site. Emmet would recognize that voice anywhere.


“Well, hi there, Princess Unikitty!” said Emmet, as his equi-feline friend sprung down from a higher cloud onto the platform Emmet was standing on. “How are you doing today?”


“I’ve never been happier!” said Unikitty, beaming from ear to ear. “Not only do I get to rebuild my home, I get to do it with my BEST FRIEND EVER!”


“Wow, Unikitty,” said Emmet, blushing a little. “Am I really your best friend?”


“Absolutely!” replied Unikitty, her smile not budging an inch. “You’re super-nice and super-brave and also super-cute!” Emmet blushed a little more.

“Unikitty... you do realize I’m going out with Wyldstyle, right?” Emmet said hesitantly. He didn’t want to hurt Unikitty’s feelings, but he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t getting any wrong impressions.


Unikitty let out a small gasp. “You are?” she exclaimed. “That’s… SUPER!!! Way to go, Emmet!”


Emmet glanced down at the site to make sure none of his crewmembers were having trouble. It was hard leading a team, especially when you were actively trying to teach them to build creatively rather than follow instructions. It seemed that they were getting along fine, though, especially with the Master Builders of Cloud Cuckoo Land helping to show them the ropes.


“Yeah, it is,” said Emmet, turning back to Unikitty. She was bouncing side to side excitedly. It seemed that she wasn’t bothered at all by the realization that he and Wyldstyle were a couple. “I just didn’t want you to think I was… available, or anything—”


Unikitty scrunched up her nose, trying to suppress a laugh. She couldn’t help it, though, and she let out a high-pitched giggle. “Emmet, you’re hilarious!” she said. “I wasn’t—I don’t—” She took a few deep breaths to try to stop laughing so she could speak clearly.


“I don’t think of you as a boyfriend, Emmet,” said Unikitty, finally. “Just a really, really, really good friend. I don’t know what I’d even do with a boyfriend if I had one!”




So, what does everyone think? Continue Y/N?


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