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In the End Mondays 05/05 (plus a special announcement)



Monday is that day of the week that everyone hates. I think we should petition the government to make it illegal. Who's with me?


While we figure out how to do that, here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

"Aw, you're such a spoilsport," said Mendos. "Anyway, congrats for entering the Maze. If you win, you will receive fabulous prizes. If you lose, you die!"


"Die?" Kiriah repeated, glancing at her two allies. "As in, dead die?"


"What other death is there?" said Mendos. "But yes, you die. Don't worry. Most people don't die that easily."


"You mean people still die," said Night. "It just takes a while."


"If you want to interpret it that way, sure," said Mendos. "Anyway, just go beyond that door to begin your new adventure. I am certain you will have loads of fun because I personally designed the place myself. In the spirit of Mendos, little is what it seems and nothing can be trusted. Have fun!"


Read the rest of Chapter IV here.


As for the "special announcement" mentioned in this post's title, starting tomorrow I am going to begin posting a series of flash fiction in the Short Stories forum. The series will be titled "The Biological Chronicle" and each short story will be based on a year from the official Bionicle story (first story will be titled 2001, second story 2002, third story 2003, fourth story 2004, etc.). I will post one story a week.


Yes, I know I said In the End was my last Bionicle fanfic, which kind of makes me a liar I guess, but the idea of writing ten flash fiction stories based on every year of Bionicle was too much for me to resist. Besides, I need practice writing flash fics and this seemed like a good way to do it. And anyway, I'll probably have them all posted before I finish posting In the End, so In the End will still technically be the last Bionicle fanfic I post on BZP.


That's all for now, so see ya,




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