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Once again, Monday is upon us and that means a new chapter of In the End is as well. Here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

“Lucky?” Kafor said with a bitter laugh. “Listen, mister, this is the second time in a week that I've been bound and blinded by someone who wanted me for various reasons. It's funny because I spent the last several thousands of years avoiding these predicaments. I tripped over destiny once and now I am here.”


“And?” said Jeran. “What do I care?”


“I don't know,” Kafor said, kicking out and knocking over her bowl of grub. “What I want is freedom. So do the other prisoners. We don't know why we're still here. The Toa have done their job. Aren't you finished with them?”


“Lord Atuje told us to keep them,” said Jeran. “He still has plans for them. And for you.”


Read the rest of Chapter V here.




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