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In the End Mondays 5/19




Good grief, it's Monday already?


Oh, well. That just means it's time for this week's chapter of In the End. Here's an excerpt:

“You, an amateur?” said Kiriah in disbelief. “But you sound so . . . so. . . .”


Izoz chuckled. “That is what everyone says. But if only they could hear the symphony that constantly plays inside my head, that drives me to sing and play . . . ah, then they would look upon my on work as the inferior shadow that it is.”


“No way. You'd have to be deaf not to appreciate your obvious talent. What are you even doing here, anyway? Seems like an odd place for a musician with as much talent as you to be.”


Izoz, still smiling, said, in his most musical, lyrical voice, “Why, I am here to kill anyone who gets this far. 'Tis part of my contract.”


Read the rest of Chapter VI here.





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