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FTL: Victory Run and Life Update



So, finally, sophomore year is out of the way.


Probably one of the most stressful years I've been through, but probably one of the most precious and generally happy years I've ever had. It had its ups and downs and was pretty eventful overall, both in terms of interactions with other people and self-discovery. I'm a different person than I was at the beginning of the year and I'm better off for it.


More importantly, it means I can put my FTL: Faster Than Light VICTORY RUN into full gear. Meaning I'm going to try to beat the game on Normal difficulty with every ship in the game. So far, I've beaten it with:


Kestrel Cruiser: Type A and B

Engi Cruiser: Type A and B

Federation Cruiser: Type A and B

Zoltan Cruiser: Type A

Stealth Cruiser: Type A and B

Rock Cruiser: Type A and B

Slug Cruiser: Type A

Mantis Cruiser: Type A and B

Crystal Cruiser: Type A and B


I'm saving Type C's and the Lanius Cruisers until last because I have no idea how to play with that darned clone bay.


I have too much time on my hands.


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Yeah the Zoltan ships aren't my favorite because I'm not a big fan of their ability and the Zoltan are mean so

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I have beat the game exactly 0 times :P I've gotten close a few times though. I just got the FTL Advanced update so I'm excited to try that out :D


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Haha yeah beating the game can be difficult at first, but once you do it's super awesome and totally worth the struggle. AE doesn't make it "easier" per se; it gives you more options which can make beating the game go a little smoother.



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